Followers represented in Nashville!

The Followers N Motion were well represented at the Country Music Marathon this weekend.  Congratulations to all of the participants!  Everyone did awesome.  Here are a list of the Followers and their times:

Full Marathon:

Daniel Hudgins-3:45:13

Chris Webb-3:59:06

Will Mayberry-5:19:39


Jeremy Qualls-1:53:46

Meredith Qualls-1:56:49

Matthew Dotson-2:03:35

Mike Potts-2:15:51

Cecily Dotson-2:22:12

Erin Webb-2:29:35

Kay Gonzales-3:43:55

Patsy Dillard-3:43:53

Belinda Potts-Finished, but time not available yet.

It was a hot and humid day, but everyone fought hard and finished the race!  Our next event is coming up in two weeks in Waverly TN!  Click on the link on the sidebar if you are interested in joining us!  Should be a great race!


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